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Storage FAQ

Questions our customers are asking …

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Where are you located?

We are in Armstrong, British Columbia on Hwy 97A, 15 minutes north of Vernon B.C. – 500 meters North of Armstrong on the way to Enderby.  Look for our large sign.
What type of storage do you provide?

We have 200+ individual lockers ranging in size from 5’X8’ to 15’X20’.  All units are level entry and have 8’ ceilings. All of our buildings are 100% steel construction with smooth concrete floors.

What are the hours of access?
As long as your account is current our yard is accessible 24/7.
What are your office hours?
We are open 7 days a week Mon.-Fri. 8:00 am – 12:00 PM/1:00 PM – 5:00 PM.  Sat. & Sun.  9:00am – 12:00 pm / 12:30 pm – 4:00 pm (closed on major holidays) 
How is the yard accessed?
Each customer has a unique code for the key-pad entry security gate.
Are your compartments heated?
No. Our compartments are not environmentally controlled.
Is there a minimum rental period?
Yes, we have a 1 month minimum policy.
What amount of notice do you require prior to move-out?
We only request a verbal indication of your intended move-out date.  Because your plans may change unexpectedly you can remain in your compartment until those move-out plans can be arranged and completed.
What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit-cards, debit cards, cash, Money Orders and Personal Cheques.
What happens if my payment is late?
24/7 access to the yard is provided as long as the account is current. To avoid any inconvenience we encourage our clients to ensure payment is on time.
Do you provide moving supplies?
Yes.  We carry an inventory of the most popular and common moving supplies and can order anything moving-related with at least 2 days’ notice (pending availability from supplier)
Do you provide “Contents Insurance”?
Insurance must be obtained from your own broker.We will gladly provide any information your insurers require.
Can my Insurance agent call you for details regarding your facility?
Yes.  We will be happy to provide that information.
Do your rent U-hauls?
We do not provide any rental vehicles/trailers.
Do you provide outside storage for vehicles/R.V.’s?
Sorry.  Our yard does not have the space for this type of storage.
What type of security do you have?
The yard is well lit, secure with walls and fencing around the perimeter as well as a computer controlled gate and video surveillance.
Do you have an On-Site manager?
Yes, we do.
Do you provide moving assistance?
We do not have personnel available for loading or unloading.  If you require assistance we can provide with confidence, the name of reputable firms who have provided quality assistance to our customers for years.
Do you charge a security deposit?
Yes, there is a deposit required at the time of contracting/first payment.  Depending on the size of the compartment the security deposit is $40.00 – $50.00 – $60.00.  The deposit is refunded at the time of your move-out as long as the compartment is clean and undamaged.
Do I get a refund for the unused portion of a paid-up month if I move-out prior to the end of that period?
Yes. After the one month minimum we will refund the unused portion of that paid-up rent.
How are any credits refunded?
We refund any applicable balances to a debit or credit card of your choice at the time of move-out.  We do not give cash refunds!
I am making storage arrangements for a family member or friend. Is this allowed?
Yes. We can facilitate these arrangements with you in person and/or easily over the phone.
Is there a restriction to size of vehicle that can maneuver in your yard?
Our yard CAN NOT accommodate Highway tractor-trailers.  Be sure to mention this if you’re arranging a long distance move with a major moving company.  Any single axle van up to 30’ can navigate our yard.
Do you supply or rent moving dollies or ramps?
No, but there is a local rental facility 2 minutes away from us that can provide any additional equipment you might require.
How is my personal compartment secured?
You are the only person with keys to your lock. However,we do have lock & key sets available for sale.
Can a friend of family member access my compartment on my behalf?
Yes. Generally speaking we do not deny access to anyone with a gate code and compartment key. It is the customer’s responsibility to keep this information secure as you would any such information.
I will be storing my possessions over-winter and am concerned about access
At Hawthorne Storage we take great pride in the cleanliness, appearance and maintenance of our site. Snow removal is a priority. Our yard is always accessible.
I am concerned about rodents and insects. Should I be?
At Hawthorne Storage we take this matter very seriously and have an ongoing policy that negates this concern.  In addition we have a short list of Prohibited Items that aid in avoiding any issues. Call us for these details.
Are your compartments Dust-Proof?
Our buildings incorporate Industry Standard Roll-up Doors and inherent to their design they do not preclude dust infiltration.  We recommend covering the contents with a tarp if this is a concern.
What is your yard surfacing?
Our yard is 100% asphalted.  You don’t have to worry about mud and muck being tracked into your compartment or vehicle.
Can I store my motor-cycle/quad/snowmobile in a compartment?
Yes.  We have numerous sizes to accommodate your needs.  We insist that a tarp be placed under each machine to prevent any possibility of leaks and stains on our concrete floors.
Can a vehicle fit into your larger compartments?
When available we have 10’X25’ and 15’ X 20’ that will hold larger passenger vehicles.  Note that the height of any vehicle must be less than 81″.
I am a trade’s person/salesman. Can I keep my tools/sales goods in a compartment?
Generally speaking YES. As long as the items being stored do not conflict with our Restricted Items policy.  You may call us for the details.  (We can also provide a Payment Statement for your Income Tax purposes upon request, at no charge.).
I work out of town or will be traveling for a lengthy period. How can I make my payments?
A credit card # of your choice can be secured with us ensuring payment on each due date.  Postdated cheques can be left on file with us or you may have a friend or family member come in and pay on your behalf.  All transactions have a receipt kept on file and a copy given to the person making the payment.
Do You Rent Containers (Sea-Cans)?
Sorry, we do not.
We will be occupying our compartment in the evening and need a place to keep the rental U-Haul overnight prior to returning it. Can you help us with this?
Yes!  If requested in advance we can often allow our customers to park a U-Haul securely overnight with no additional fee.
Do you provide Long Term Discounts?
Give us a call and we will discuss your particular situation.  Our standard discount when a Credit Card # is secured is to give ½ off the second month, provided you occupy the compartment for the full two months.
If I require two or more compartments is there a discount?
Yes. Multiple unit rentals are discounted.