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Four Awesome Ways To Turn Your Garage into a Family Fun Space :)

4 Exceptional Ways To Remake Your Garage As A Family Fun SpaceThe garage is often an unused space in the home, simply needed to occasionally store a vehicle and perhaps to pack with extra boxes. Because it’s rarely occupied, it can easily be used as a fun family space that is functional and a great place to bring everyone together.Although it can be difficult to find the space in the garage, you can easily move extra items to a self storage facility to keep them safe and secure to provide more space in your newly remodeled garage.

1. Add Arcade Games
Vintage pinball machines to old arcade games can make the garage a fun place to spend hours competing or becoming skilled at classic games. It will offer a bit of nostalgia for the adults and make it easy to learn for kids for a fun room that is sure to get noisy.

2. Install a Karaoke Machine
A karaoke machine is a fun way to practice your vocals and compete to different songs, both new and old. The family will have fun laughing their way through the activity while listening to top hits from different decades. Get creative by adding a stage, microphone stand, and even a few lights for a theatrical effect.

3. Add a Projector
Live like the rich and famous by transforming your garage into a mini movie theater that is complete with seating, an old fashioned popcorn machine stand, and even dim lighting. Using a projector will make it easy to watch films on a large white wall that will be sure to beat the largest type of flatscreen televisions.

4. Incorporate Traditional Games
The garage is a great place to put a number of games that include a pool table, ping pong table, ski ball machine, dart board, and even an air hockey table. It will offer a space that has plenty to do for a great chance at some friendly competition.

To create a cozier environment in the garage, add carpeting or paint the concrete floor for a clean space that is easy to inhabit. Simple curtains can be added to any windows, as well as paint on the walls and fun, entertaining posters added to the wall. Instead of spending thousands of dollars adding a game room to the home, the garage is easy to transform and will soon be the most used room in the house.

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